Knee PF joint cartilage damage

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    Hi, I have MRI confirmed grade III-IV chondral damage on femur right under the patella, 41 years old. It was probably caused by long time overuse. Symptoms include crepitus going up/down the stairs or hard technical terrain with similar knee movement. Dull, but no strong pain during strenuous hike/climb.
    I am trying to avoid activities which aggravates either crepitus or pain, which means less time mountaneering. I have added mountain biking instead and strenght training from Training for new alpinism book. Which has helped a little, but now I am stucked for couple of months with no improvement….

    I would like to get back to the mountains without getting my knee worse and would like to get to previous level of activities… Is something like that doable and how? thanks for ideas…

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #43280

    To make your bike activities more robust, be sure to include intervals. Also give standing intervals a try if they aren’t painful. I also have had success with using blood flow restrictive training to gain strength, but with using lighter loads and thus being easier on the joint.
    Hope this gives you some new ideas.

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