Knee meniscus problems – flexibility training?

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    In a preparation for my high-altitude peak, I decided to check my right knee. For many years on descending several hundred meters I felt a pain in the back of the knee where the leg biceps connects to the knee. I did Magnetic Resonance Imaging and it came out that the end of my outer meniscus is split into two halves. The younger doctor advised endoscopic surgery but his more experienced colleague said that no surgery is needed. And advised leg flexibility training because my muscles are very stiff and I have a decreased range of motion. I will soon be 61 so obviously, there are also some degenerative changes. I wonder if somebody has experienced a similar problem and can give some advice. Also, some recommendations for flexibility training. Yoga classes are good but they seem that do not target the knee region much.

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    Travis Gerbatsch on #76776

    George – I’ve had two knee surgeries (meniscus trim and ACL reconstruction). One of the best things I have found so far is actually strengthening all the little muscles around the knee to better protect ligaments and cartilage. I’ll still have that pain from time to time behind the knee but only after really long repetitive motions. The ChamFit exercises are actually awesome for the knee.

    George on #76909

    Thanks for the advice tgerbatsch. I think you are right. After walking for 2 weeks in the mountains, at the end of the second week, my pain in the back of my knee was less. I will try the ChamFit exercises more consitently.

    joebla13 on #77056

    Hi George,

    I tore my meniscus in November and I am back to regular activity already! My tear sounds like it is a bit different from yours but here is what I have learned. I ended up with a very good sports med doctor and she emphasized how important it is to aggressively treat any inflammation as this is a trigger for arthritis, especially at our ripe old ages. As running was not comfortable I substituted cycling at 80rpm or more as part of my rehab for a month and got great results from this. Just this week my knee flared up and I replaced an hour zone 2 run with an hour zone 2 bike and was pain free the next day and able to get out all weekend without thinking about my knee. This has been a repeatable result with no pills, ointments or injections. Strengthening as tgerbatch has mentioned has also helped. As i was doing the rehab exercises prescribed by my physio I was struck by how similar they were to the Chamfit workouts. What works for me might not work for you but it is worth a try.

    Good luck, Joe

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