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    Hey all,

    First off thanks so much to everybody in this community for the huge base of aggregate knowledge you all provide.

    My question is regarding which training plan to follow (16 vs 24). I am scheduled on a guided trek up Kili in early June and while I know that is not considered a particularly challenging climb it will be my first time at that kind of altitude and I want to enjoy myself. I am coming off of a pretty bad wrist injury (torn TFCC last April while bouldering) and I let that time off of climbing bum me out and let my overall fitness slip. However I am a young guy who has always been active and am still in relatively good shape I think to get things going for this climb. I have been up a number of peaks in NH White Mountains and this last summer did Longs in CO cold and felt pretty good overall. I’m leaning toward the 16 week plan as I only have 20 weeks until my climb and don’t want to have to alter the 24 week.

    Any thoughts or tips are greatly appreciated!

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    Anonymous on #36558


    I think the 16 week plan will work just fine for you on Kili. Given the break from training you’ve had you should consider lengthening the plan by 4 weeks. Do this by repeating the first 4 weeks of the plan.


    CodyDigital on #36560

    Awesome Scott thanks so much for the quick reply, I’ll heed that advice.

    sadokhinaolya on #52927

    So did you manage to climb the mountain?

    CodyDigital on #58060

    Really sorry I am just seeing this to answer your question but no I did not yet climb Kili, I was scheduled to climb in June 2020 and of course with Covid the travel just was not possible. I am however now set to go in 12 weeks (January 2022). I will post an update after my trip.

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