Kilimanjaro as training for Denali?

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    Wasn’t expecting this but I’m being offered the possibility of a free place on a trip to Kili in March 22 and have Denali in late May 22.

    Denali has been in my sights for years and don’t want to jeopardise that in any way but wonder if Kili could be useful prep/training and far enough out from the start of Denali to allow recovery and some intense specific training for Kili on my return.

    Would appreciate Coaches thoughts?

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    MarkPostle on #60605

    Matt- From a strictly Denali prep point of view I don’t think there’s any big benefit. The bit of acclimatization you’ll get will be long long gone before Denali of course and even though they’re both mountain climbing they are quite different in their demands so there’s not much specificity. That said, if you stoked on it for other reasons and its on your goal list you can certainly work it into the program. If you do go the two main things I worry about when folks are doing trips like this in the later phases of training are 1) Getting sick 2) missed training due to travel/fatigue. For the first I would take a few days pretty light right before you go to make sure your immune system is as strong as possible. As for the travel one thing you have going for you is shorter travel and fewer time zones than from US. (Maybe 3 hours difference?)

    mattmay3s on #60614

    Thanks Mark – appreciate your thoughts. Always stoked to tackle a new mountain and I struggle to say no! Denali has to come first for 2022.

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