Kilian’s training for his 2022 season

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    thanks for the link was an interesting read! Do you know if the HR-Zones he uses match the Uphill-Athlete HR-Zones? In which HR-Zone do you think are the “Uphill and flat” workouts done?


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    He notes in the article he uses a 5 Zone system but in truth often goes by feel (RPE).

    He describes the zones for the Uphill and flat right in the article and is noted below for reference.

    “Threshold and tempo: These 2 kinds of sessions were done in different set-ups, this I do in flat or mountain terrain in different sets but closer I arrive to the season I basically do 2 types of sessions, performed either at tempo (Z3) or threshold (Z4).

    Uphill and flat: To do a steep uphill (500 to 700m elevation, 1 or 2 times) taking the downhill for recovery. Followed by some flat workout. (2x5km, 10k tempo, 10x 1km…) and then occasionally another uphill. The structure of the session depends on the moment of the season and the time to recover from it. (ex: )”

    –> So it would likely be Z4 for the Uphill and Z3 for the tempo but what those are will be based on his zones but could be easily translated to yourself if you wanted.

    David Roche provided a very interesting review of the takeaways from this article on TrailRunner Mag website.

    Eight Takeaways From Kilian Jornet’s 2022 Training Data 

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    Thanks for the additonal Info. I will look into the TrailRunner Mag Website!

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