January 25th Zoom – Rebecca Dent, Performance DIetician

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    Hi All FUA!
    Just a quick reminder tomorrow is our zoom with Rebecca Dent. We’re thrilled to host her once again. She is such an incredible resource. We look forward to seeing you there and if you can’t make it be sure to post and questions you might have here and we’ll be sure Rebecca addresses them.
    See you all soon!

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    Melanie Hunter on #62521

    Hi, I think I’ll be on a work call tomorrow but I have a question for Rebecca-I suffer these wild blood sugar swings in the last 3-4 days before my period starts. One minute I’m fine, the next I’m ravenous to the point that it’s very unpleasant to NOT eat, but also unpleasant TO eat anything because that just makes me hungrier. I joke about “the beast” getting loose, but I just hate it. I normally follow a fairly structured diet that includes fruit, veggies, beans, fish, yogurt, meat, homemade bread, nuts…I don’t cut out any food groups. I make a point of eating around workouts, and I’m not actively trying to lose weight, but every month I’m just miserable for a week. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

    Anonymous on #62533

    Hi Melanie,
    We’ll make sure to ask Rebecca about this. Quick question for me if you read this in time, has this always been the case or is it getting worse with age? I do remember from one of our coaching calls that you are in your 40s and approaching peri-menopause? Blood sugar issues are definitely one of the many symptoms and complaints from women entering menopause, I had rather obnoxious issue with my blood sugar which had not been an issue for me before. Just thought I’d check as that might help Rebecca dial in a response. ( :

    Melanie Hunter on #63116

    How about this for a late response! I just saw your question, Carolyn. For what it’s worth now, yes, I’m 49 and seem to be dealing with a lot of peri-menopause issues, one of which is the blood sugar. Obnoxious is right! I have had a lot of blood sugar issues prior to this, but it is certainly getting much worse lately. I’m big and muscular and have always had a huge appetite; I’m probably one of those women that’s always been a bit higher testosterone relative to other women and I wonder if that’s been part of it. I’m finding now that I do better if I track all my food (also obnoxious) and keep on top of intake around exercise the way Rebecca recommends.

    I’m about to take my niece on her first backpacking trip ever to the Grand Canyon but I’m a little worried about having one of these crazy perimenopause blood sugar attacks. I’m busy planning all my food now so if anyone has any favorite backpacking foods, I’d love to hear new ideas!

    Anonymous on #63138

    For what it’s worth Melanie, when my blood sugar was an issue with menopause stuff I would just suddenly feel lightheaded for no reason, feel shaky, and unable to push and unsure if I was “ok”. I knew I was but it is unpleasant so I’d get carbs on board before I’d usually have to fuel and go slow like zone one until things stabilized. I never really had great days when that happened but I was able to keep going. Have a fabulous time on your Grand Canyon trip and keep up the solid work tracking food and fueling well, it will help!

    Melanie Hunter on #63143

    Thanks Carolyn, it really does help to hear that. And thanks for the good wishes on the trip-I’m excited. 🙂

    Kristina Ramilo on #63395

    Quick question. Does anyone know any endurance athlete dieticians for people of color or promote food diversity/recipes?

    Kristy Levorson on #64543

    Hey Kristina! Cara Marrs is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is an endurance athlete herself. Caramarrswellness.com

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