Jacob’s Ladder for Muscular Endurance

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    Hi all-

    Longtime fan of TFNA and Uphill Athlete. Many thanks to Scott and Steve and Team!

    I am getting ready to start my ME phase and we have a Jacob’s Ladder machine at our gym (https://jacobsladderexercise.com/product/jacobs-ladder-gym-equipment/) I had never seen one of these before and was a bit afraid of it, but it seems to be a lot like 3rd class climbing and have been playing with it. Does anyone have any experience or advice on using this for an ME weighted hill workout? I think I can regulate the speed enough not to max out too much, and although I have access to good hills around Boise Idaho seems like a good efficient morning possibility. Thanks as always! Jack

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    Anonymous on #53583

    Interesting… What’s the range of inclines that it allows for?

    jackmarr on #53589

    Hi Scott. It is fixed at around 40 degrees so is pretty intense on the cardio aspect, but I think you can carefully keep it at a slower speed to avoid redlining. I am still playing around with it!

    Anonymous on #55298

    Sorry for the delay.

    For ME 40% will be pretty ideal, but I wouldn’t use it for general aerobic work. It’s too steep for that I think.

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