IT-band syndrome

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    Hello everyone,

    I need your advice because I am desperate:

    A few months ago I started to feel a slight pain on my right knee while running. I was able to finish the run, but especially after sitting for a long time, it started to hurt. At that point, I hadn’t made any significant changes in training or equipment/shoes. On the contrary – I had even reduced my running volume due to private issues (moving into new house). After 2-3 days, the pain ceased but came back when running again.

    I went to the doctor and he did a MRI. The diagnosis was a IT-band syndrome (“runners knee”). But he also said that the symptoms are not classic to a runners knee because the pain feels usually more severe (I COULD run through the pain – but I do not). I then went to a PT specialized on sports. I introduced strength training again in my routine with a focus on single leg stability (single leg stuff, clam shells, …). I also started to foam roll and stretch. Last week I went for a run again and after 20 min it started to hurt again … the strength training and foam rolling stuff did not do anything against it. The strange thing is that it hurts more approx 12h AFTER the run than during the run. Especially after sitting for a longer time. Upcoming friday I will do a running analysis to see if I have bad alignments/bad running technique.

    I need your advice! I want to get back to running!

    Thank you

    Best regards


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    hafjell on #78474

    So sorry. Frustrating when you consult doctors, PT and have the proper imaging done. Foam rolling and single leg exercises really helped me. If that isn’t working for you, have you considered something like shoes? Any chance you have really bad shoes for your stride or feet? Too much or too little drop? Pronate? Maybe a consult at a really good running shop would help? Viel Glück.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #78564

    Hi Thomas!

    Did the running analysis bring any insight?

    The only way you will get back to running is by running;-) I would recommend running until you feel a slight pain and then stop. Do that time for 2-3 runs then increase the time. Try to find ways to get the tension to another spot while running. Taping round the leg above the insertion at the knee can be helpful. Put an additional half of an insole inside the shoe to elevate the outer part of the foot. Try different surfaces. Uphill or downhill. Change the shoes!
    What’s also important is to strengthen the glutes.
    A little pain after running is ok, as long as it’s gone the next day.

    If the MRI really didn’t show any other pathology then it’s time to get active now.

    Take care, take it easy and don’t force it.
    But also push a bit;-)

    Hope this helps?!


    By the way: core strength is the base of everything;-)

    Banashri on #85798

    I wonder how you got rid of ITB Syndrome finally. I am facing exactly same issue. The tightness of hips caused this issue and the symptoms are exactly same. How long did it take to recover from it? I assume you followed the exercises that were prescribed to you.

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