Is this Strength or Z1/Z3 training?

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    I am building out my Base Period training plan, but I don’t know how exactly I should classify some of my workouts – either Zone 1, Zone 3, strength, or endurance.

    My gym workouts consist of circuit style training, made up of mostly body weight exercises. A good example of a typical day:
    1. 3 rounds: 12x pull-ups, 40 crunches, 10x burpees
    2. Rest 2 minutes
    3. 5 rounds: 2 min plank, 15x toes to bar, 10x Turkish get-ups @ 30 lbs, 80x flutter kicks
    4. Rest 2 minutes
    5. 4oo crunches

    Would training like that classify as Z1, Z3, strength, or endurance? It seems like a mix of Zone 1 and endurance, so I am not sure how to classify it in my training log.

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    It’s a good question, and when we start getting into a lot of higher-rep bodyweight-type stuff it can become confusing when we think of how to classify things. If I were coaching you and putting this type of work into a training plan, I wouldn’t classify this as “Zone anything,” necessarily. I usually keep Zone classifications limited to aerobic/endurance/running/monostructural work. The example you gave would be something more akin to muscular endurance or work capacity depending on what type of verbiage you like to use. Your HR may very well be in a given zone by virtue of how many times it’s beating per minute, but trying to use that to then figure out how many minutes of XYZ you’re going to do in a week or a training phase just muddies the water.

    Hopefully that makes sense…if not let me know and we can try to dive a bit deeper.

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