Is it too late?

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    After smoking approximately 200,000 cigarettes and loosing 50 pounds, I decided the next logical step in my life journey is mountaineering. Yes, the number of zeros are correct. It’s easier to remember why I quite when I use all the zeros. And I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s a mid-life crisis. Maybe it was all those graphics of mountains on the cigarette advertisements.

    Anyway, I’m 53 years old. Two weeks ago, I had my VO2 tested and its 48.6ml/kg/min. My AeT is 127 bpm and 31.3 ml/kg/min and my AnT is 158 bpm and 42.4 ml/kg/min. So, from the report that was supplied, my VO2max and AnT are very good, but my Aet is not so good. I’m one of those aerobically deficient syndrome people. I guessed that before the test and after reading TFTNA.

    So, I’m thinking about going down to Ecuador this winter to check out 20K. I’ve done some mixed climbing in the north cascades and in the alps to include Mont Blanc and other objects. I’ve also summited roughly 50% of the 14ers in Colorado over the last two summers. So, I think the altitude may not be an issue.

    But, as we, I, get older we naturally have a lower aerobic capacity. I also know that people older than myself have made some great contributions to alpinism. But am I barking up the wrong tree?. Should I resign myself to bocce ball, shuffleboard and unlimited buffets on floating cities?

    Great book by the way!

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