Is it okay to do all AeT workouts fasted?

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    I’ve been building up my running, and have reached a point where I’m running 6 days a week. Mostly out of habit, I run in the morning before eating breakfast. I feel fine during and after workouts, but have seen training advice in other books/articles that suggest doing some fasted training – but none of them seem to suggest doing it all fasted. Is there any problem with doing all of my AeT workouts in a fasted state? (I do eat a small snack before workouts that add intensity above AeT).

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    Anonymous on #10252

    If you are recovering between workouts and feeling adequate energy during these base aerobic runs then you are fine doing this. Top athletes I work with almost all their Z1-2 runs in a fasted state. If the runs get over 2-3 hours then you may need to carry and emergency snack of some sort. But, even those longer run will get easier to do in a fasted state as you adapt. To speed recover I suggest eating right after you finish. I notice that if I miss this feeding window after a long fasted run, I’ll feel that workout fatigue for as much as 48 hours where as if I eat immediately after I finish I’ll bounce back in a day.


    pezrosi on #47736

    Hi Scott,

    have a question on that eating immediately after exercise thing you mentioned.
    Does that intake have to be proportional to workout duration/total calory burn? In the book you mention to take in 100-200 calories (if i remember correctly) but do not distinguish more specifically between different workouts (durations). Any rule of thumb for this?



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