Is it ok to slowly run some of my weighted hikes?

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    Todd Hatfield

    I have a not-quite-steep-enough trail near my house, about 18-20%. On the first of the two-days-in-a-row weighted hikes, it takes a long time to get to where I’m spending much time in Z2. That’s at a pace just below where my hike wants to turn into a jog. The second day is less of a “problem”, I think because of accumulated fatigue from the prior day. Any reason not to grab a lighter pack and slowly jog the first of the two workouts? I did that today with about a 6% BW pack and easily stayed in Z2 on the uphills and had to moderate not to stray much into Z3. I assume the HR zones and total duration should stay as planned. Is that assumption correct?


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    MarkPostle on #67968

    Todd, The short answer is yes as long as you’re recovering from the lightly weighted jog. Generally speaking if folks are using a running gait I just go ahead and have them do it completely unweighted and adjust pace accordingly to hit the desired HR zones of the workout. Then do the second workout as prescribed. (The exception are ultra runners training for multi day/self supported fastpacking type events where they need to train with some weight then I have then run with a light pack in training fairly regularly) It is also a bit goal dependent. If you goal is very pack intensive then the more time with the pack the better in the latter phases of training. If its less pack dependent then an unweighted day with a running gait is totally fine. Regardless if you do the light pack jogging the durations stay the same and be gentle on the downs.

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