Is Heart Rate The Best Metric For Staying Under AeT In Hot Weather?

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    In hot weather, is heart rate the best metric to look at when trying to train under your AeT to increase AeT during long runs?


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    thierryw203 on #67405

    I am no expert, but I feel you need to take more things in to cosideration. HR yes but also rate of presive exsertion “converstaion pace”.

    brianbauer on #67807

    stress is stress. your heart doesn’t know the difference between: work, family, heat, humidity, pace, altitude, etc
    AeT is a numerical value assigned to HR, not a “feeling”. if for example your AeT is 135, your pace may be faster or slower at that HR based on temperature/humidity.

    juljit58 on #68035

    Hmm, do you mean extremely hot weather? I’m not much of an expert but I guess the heart rate is indeed the best metric especially when you are staying in hot weather. What you’re feeling, for example in a very cold place, if you are too cold, or going near hypothermia, your heart rate slows down. Meanwhile, on extremely hot temperatures like the desert, your high rate goes up.

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