interpreting an Aet test

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    Hello i was just wishing to please get a second opinion in reading my Aet test conducted on a treadmill.
    I was using a polar chest strap.

    A link to the info is here

    would i be correct in seeing a 3.9 % drift, and would 150-152 be my current threshold?

    many thanks

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    Shashi on #44542

    Just curious about the HR drop (four times) during your workout. What caused this?

    d.Koh on #44570

    Im pretty sure its the chest strap. The same deal seems to happen during every run. i just figured it was the strap dropping out. The pace was constant on the treadmill and during every other run.

    Anonymous on #44930

    Correct. 157 / 152 = 1.033, so +3.3%.

    The thing to be careful of is that you didn’t inadvertently test AnT. Do you know what your AnT HR is?

    If strap connectivity is an issue, you could try aloe gel on the pads to see if that helps.

    d.Koh on #45031

    Thanks so much for responding Scott i really appreciate it.

    I haven’t done an AnT test yet, theres a lot of reasons why I’m pretty certain I’m nowhere near my AnT in that test and that i have ADS.

    That Aet test felt really comfy, and looking back at 2019 where i was doing periodised training all throughout the year the long runs (4 hours and over, averaged over 160 Heart rate wise or a bit more)

    Just wondered if its reasonable to do the Ant test in the middle of a recovery week? I remember reading somewhere to be rested 3 days before doing one.

    Also would doing it on the treadmill would be the better bet?

    Anonymous on #45322

    As long as you’re recovered it should be fine. If you feel excited to do the test, that’s a good sign. I usually test in the latter half of a recovery week.

    If you’re doing a heart rate AnT test, outside is probably better. With a treadmill, you could push the pace too high for too long. Outside, you’ll naturally slow.

    (If you were testing in a lab or with lactate, then a treadmill is better because you’re targeting a direct measurement (O2, lactate) rather than an indirect one (HR).)

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