Interpreting aerobic threshold test results

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    Hi all. I’ve been running for a while, but I’m new to using a heart rate monitor. I did the aerobic threshold test yesterday, and I was hoping for some help with interpreting my results (and figuring out what numbers I should be targeting for zone 2). I’ve attached a couple of images (one from the TP app and one from Strava) showing an overview of my activity.

    I only have a basic TP account, but I can still see the Pa:Hr number, which was -0.21% for the 60-minute run. I did this run after a 2-mile warmup of similarly easy jogging. I have no idea what my max HR is, but I’m a 40-year-old male. Does mid-150s seem high for zone 2 for a person my age? Does that low Pa:Hr figure indicate that my aerobic threshold is higher than mid-150s?

    Again, I know next to nothing about HR training. I’ve been running based on feel (off an on) since I was 15 years old. I’m happy to provide more info if it’s helpful. Thanks, all!

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