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    Hi UA folks!
    I tought about severeal intesity questions. Since i know i don’t suffer from ADS i tought about some stuff. Which i can’t find a clear answer. Hope you guys have time.

    1. How low is “too” low

    I tought about this while hiking. Sure i account this to my volume. But let’s say i have a big mountain day, or any duration just long enough so i can’t account it as recovery run. Where i will move rellatively slowly with a low HR, recovery zone or low Z1. How beneficial are those runs? Is there something as too slow?

    2. Uphill running and Z2

    Another things that came to my mind. If we run uphill the neuro muscular stress is lower, than running flat or downhill. Hope i got this right?! My question, is it “safe” to run a longer duration in Z2, or maybe even peaking in Z3 on uphills?

    Thanks in advance and have a grat training/day/adventure!

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    Anonymous on #28830

    How Low is too Low:
    We call Zone 1 AeT minus 10 down to AeT minus 20
    We call Recovery Zone below AeT minus 20. The fitter you become the less aerobic benefit there is to training in this Zone.

    You are correct that the neuromuscular stress of running uphill is lower than on the flats or downs. Whether or not to spend more time in Z3 on uphills all depends on your intended purpose for that workout.


    nullkru on #29012

    Thanks Scott for your answers.

    So even on a long run, i should try to keep my HR at least in Z1. To get the “optimal” stimulus. Even if the majority of my races will be in recovery zone to Z1?

    Have a nice day — mirko

    Anonymous on #29020


    The answer to your question depends on your ability to recover from these long runs. If you can stay in Z1 then you will be getting a bigger aerobic training effect as well as the event specific endurance training for very long races. However if doing so means you are wrecked for several days afterward then you will need to slow the pace.


    nullkru on #29235

    Thank Scott for your time!

    I think i recover pretty well from Z1 runs up to 2-4h fasted and without fueling. The toughts came on a longrun with a girfriend of mine. The intensity was most of the time between AeT-20% to lower AeT-10% (Recovery Zone, Lower Z1). In the past i tought about this runs as time on feet counts. Even if the intensity is lower for me.

    nullkru on #29236

    Little followup question. Do i have to have to take care. That my heart don’t peaks into Z2, on aerobic base building runs. Analog to an athlete who suffers from ADS who should not exceed Z2? Or does this all depend on my ability to recover? I think i don’t find a clear answer in the book.

    doughywilson on #31468

    If you are at Z2 or below you are building Aerobic base. If you are fast enough to beat up your muscles at Z2 intensity, then you should consider going down to Z1 for your aerobic building so that you can maintain consistency and not risk injury. It’s often good to add some higher intensity speed work once you reach that level of fitness.

    nullkru on #31494

    Hi doughwylson,

    thanks for your reply. I train most of my time in Z1 or low Z2 (uphills). Z4 Workouts are rare these days. I still recover from my injury (stress fractures) earlier this year. When my body feels ready i will add them back into the mix.

    have a nice day — mirko

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