Intensity monitoring – account for pre-determined drift?

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    Hello everyone,

    Was thinking about the following lately:

    Suppose you have an AeT of 150 bpm (as determined by a HR drift test on a treadmill). Also suppose you know that within one hour, this will drift to 165 bpm in the end at the same AeT pace. S, HR drifts appr. 4 bpm per 15 minutes of workout.

    Now, taking that outside, where we lose the certainty of constant pace, we have to stick to HR purely. Aiming for constant 150 bpm would let you slow down towards the end of the workout (severely in long runs, of course) due to drift.

    So, why not increase the HR goal outside by 4 bpm per 15 minutes? Wouldn’t this allow us to train much more closely to AeT (or whatever intensity desired) over the whole workout time and therefore make the workout much more effective?

    Wonder what you guys think about that.



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