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    I am currently doing the Mike Foote Big Vert Plan and am to the point of starting the Zone 3 uphill efforts. Attached is the recs from the training plan. I’ve done zone 3 efforts in the past but nothing recently as I’ve been working to improve my aerobic deficiency syndrome and in the past it was mostly flat tempos. I was going to cap the duration at 30 min with 2-3 x 10 min as recommended. I’ll be having to do these on my incline treadmill but not sure where my starting point should be. Should I set the incline and titrate the speed for my zone 3 HR or vice versa? The treadmill maxes at 40%. Thank you in advance.

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    Anonymous on #45822

    Match the incline (roughly) to your goal objective. If that’s unknown, then I wouldn’t go steeper than 25%.

    To get a mix of “terrain”, you could do each effort at Z3 HR, but at a different grade each rep, maybe 5%, 15% and 25%. Or 10%, 15%, 20%, etc.

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #45855

    Excellent thank you for the help Scott!

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