Individual or group tent?

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    My partner suggests bringing our won tent for Denali since the expedition is a long haul. We have been sharing a tent, but most of our climbing adventures have been shorter than a week. The idea is that it will be less stressful for the bathroom and etc.

    A couple of questions ?

    1. What do you think about the idea of bringing two individual tents plus a megamid? Or should we stick to a group tent? (a spacious three-person tent?)

    2. If I am going to bring my own, what tent do you recommend for Denali? I have been using 20 years old Trango 2. It is too old to be reliable for Denali at this point. So, I am considering a two-person tent.

    Thank you.

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    MarkPostle on #61743

    Individual choices vary for sure but personally I would definitely opt for a group tent and a megamid if desired. Mid is certainly optional. A single group tent is so much less weight, less work building/defending camp in storms etc. With a mid I would bring a Trango 3 or similar. If no mid I Like some of the Hilleberg tents as you can cook in roomy vestibule when stormy. Keron or Nammatj 3 GT are palatial for 2. (I like to cook outside if possible to minimize carbon monoxide exposure). If you do go with separate tents you could consider a hybrid system where you bring one bombproof tent like Trango 2 and one BD Firstlight or similar. This will save some weight but you can both sleep in the Trango 2 if its super stormy and also at 17K’ camp.

    kazu.ishidera on #61975

    Thank you so much for your reply, Mark. I pushed for a group tent as well for the weight and the setting up. But, I do not want to stress my mentor/partner as well. Besides, most of our trip has been less than a week. So, it may be wise to listen to him and respect each other’s space. I take your advice on the hybrid system. We are going to bring Arai tent, which is like BD FIrstlight. I will look into one bombproof tent. It is always exciting to get a new toy.


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