Increasing Training Volume but no progress?

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    I have a problem with my training progress.

    A few words to my background:

    Over the last years I increase my Training volume constantly from about 40-50km to now 90-100km a week. I try to make every week a faster intervall session (z4), a Tempo session (z3) and the long run at the moment with 30km. I also train at a 3/1 rhythm.

    At the last year I have the feeling that I’m not getting faster. I have tried a 5k/10k benchmark run, the time ist nearly the same like last year (only 40:22min at 10k, also not really fast). Also when I look at my Pace/Hr relation it’s nearly the same like last year.

    I stuck at the moment at the death end of my training road.

    Have you a advice how to get out of this circle?

    Should I take a trainer for a training analyze?

    Thanks for your Tipps.


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    rich.b on #76347

    Hej Alex, one question is whether over time you have more-or-less followed the same training structure. In such a case you may have adapted to that increased volume and plateaued and your body needs new training stimuli. Taking a critical look at your training structure would be useful, whether done on your own or with a coach to provide an outside perspective.

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