Incorporating Physiotherapy into a Training Program

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    I have been working through some physiotherapy regimes to address some past injuries and prevent future ones, and would like to know how best to incorporate these into an Uphill Athlete training program.

    Some of the exercises are gentle range of motion, and so I would think could easily be added into the regular workouts as warm-ups. However some of the physio exercises are more strength related (e.g. a series of assisted pull-ups & dips). I am not sure if it’s best to add those on top of the planned workouts as well, or should I substitute out some of the components of the training plan workouts to keep the overall volume in line with the plan.

    Greatly appreciate your thoughts!

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    Frantik on #7576

    I think I am in a similar place with this.

    I had a partial meniscectomy past June. I was doing PT before the operation(which was really helpful) and continued as soon as possible straight after.
    All was going very well and after 4-5 months felt strong enough to start the 24-week program from this site.

    I incorporated the PT into the general strength workout. So I was doing the core exercises for warm up as suggested and then did the strength with the PT guidelines(for number of sets,reps,etc). The thing is though that a lot of the exercises I was doing as part of my PT are same as in the strength work out.
    For example I was doing box step-ups, lounges with barbell (which is the split bench squat), squats,etc so it was very straightforward.

    After my last session with PT where she suggested I should keep doing 1-2 strength sessions per week I moved to following the book guidelines for these exercises.

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