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    So on a whim, I signed up for a 50k yesterday with ~10k feet of vert. My training is decent, but have had some recent hiccups. I ran a 100k on April 9 and felt great, took a week to recover, and then got after it again….only to get covid (for the second time) on 4/26. I have asthma and it went straight to my chest making it impossible to run. I had restarted to so the Chamonix Fit workouts and was able to continue through the covid, for about 4 weeks, and then started the gym-based ME workout this weekend (right after I signed up for the race, of course) I have 2 decent training week in, still ramping back up to normal volume after he covid. I have 47 days before the race (July 9)

    The question is what is the best way to prepare from here? I am a solid middle packer, my goal is to finish strong and not have to walk it in at the end. I feel that I need to work most on climbing, especially on steep terrain. It’s usually a hike for me, but I just don’t want my muscles to tap out. Should I continue with a few more weeks of the gym-based ME or stick to hill sprints or both with lots of Z2. When should I have a peak week? (I still have some aerobic deficiency) Thanks in advance.

    Oh and I have another race scheduled for August 12th with 12,500 ft vert in 50 miles….so that should be interesting

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