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    Let me add some thoughts here, and maybe open a discussion about wanting to do more, being unable to wait, being (im)patient πŸ˜‰

    As described in the book(s) many of us are those type-B-characters: super motivated, always wanting to do something.

    My current situation is that of a monk or so, minus the praying: I work from home for years now, this is intensified since COVID-19 is in the world … here in Austria we have the next so called “lockdown”, and I keep away from people as much as I can. So only shopping once or twice a week, executed like in a ego shooter game (= fast and efficient, no camping ;-)), aside from that only occasional telephone calls or so.

    It’s OK, I don’t want to complain because I know that my situation is very privileged, I can earn money while being safe here, I am thankful.

    What I want to point at: the days are getting quite long in such an eremitage, especially now with the holidays and the rather misty and grey winter weather.

    And following my training plan keeps me up and gives me something to plan/do/achieve. That is great and was what I decided for when I chose to follow a structured plan this winter.

    What I notice now: I want to do more, to fill my days and spend more time outside, but this is more in my head because I am kind of bored and frustrated sometimes and the running gives me something to do … and the experience of success etc

    I understand the benefits of resting and carefully increasing volume and distances, and the fact that I came through the last 3 months with 6 days of running per week without injury is very likely related to that. I am happy with my progress, don’t get me wrong here!

    Later this week the first back to back long runs are planned, I am kind of curious how I will “perform” and can’t wait to do them. But I try to keep patient.

    I wonder how other athletes deal with this, especially in a worldwide situation like the one we have right now. And I’d like to hear/read your thoughts and tips related to dealing with this.

    thanks, greets, Stefan

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    Anonymous on #49360

    …wanting to do more, being unable to wait, being (im)patient ?

    unable = unwilling

    I wonder how other athletes deal with this, especially in a worldwide situation like the one we have right now. And I’d like to hear/read your thoughts and tips related to dealing with this.

    COVID is a special situation where cabin-fever is likely more common, especially if you live in a city.

    Another factor is that perhaps you’re ready for more. If you really are recovered, then there’s no harm in doing more. However, don’t fool yourself. Don’t add more just because you can. Only do it if you think it’ll be a net positive.

    There is a point in aerobic training that I call The Appetite. For me, it feels like a tipping point when capacity has reached a high level, recovery becomes super quick, and more volume can be added on an almost daily basis. If your recovery happens faster than you think, then this may be a factor.

    Again though, be careful that you’re not just digging a deep hole for gratification purposes. That never ends well.

    sgw on #50335

    I read your reply back then and somewhat I forgot to reply or thank. Sorry.

    Yes, appetite and cabin fever. I don’t think recovery happens that fast when it comes to my body. It’s more of that my mind (ego?) wants to do more. Or different stuff.

    I mentioned that I completely switched over to doing flat (and more or less slow) distance running instead of any “real” mountain activities. Put in the miles, be patient, yep.

    I see progress, nice. And I start to want to put that new power into action.

    Which fits the plan, actually: I am in week 15 of the 50k run program … so that is the peak week in that plan before the tapering and the *goal*

    Actually there is no defined goal. No race, no defined project.

    A few ideas for some long mountain runs, but that depends on weather (snow: y/n) and logistics. Not problems to be solved by coaches in training forums, sure πŸ˜‰

    I think of starting a next block of training, this time with focus on vertical: collect ascent meters, not so much flat distance. Use the base built over the last months and transfer it into the hills and mountains around. Spring isn’t here yet, but it’s coming. Would that make sense?

    I play with the thought of trying, no, doing a 50k round here in the next months. More ascent than my last months of building base, sure. It’s a local Ultra-Marathon, but I would do it on my own, no aid stations etc / that might be a goal.

    For this I need to add more vert, sure. But I think the last 4 months built a base to work from.

    Anonymous on #50431

    Spring isn’t here yet, but it’s coming. Would that make sense?

    It really depends on what you’re training for. If it’s sport-specific, then yes.

    sgw on #50506

    And now I lost track completely πŸ˜‰ ->

    Instead of a sprints yesterday and long run today … 2 times sports climbing, outdoors, who would have expected (in austrian “winter”)?

    It was fun, and tiring as well. Tmrw worse weather, but good enough for those ~2 hrs and 24k again.

    sgw on #50575

    Did that first run of the planned 2 back-to-back runs, and surprisingly my knee started to hurt a bit. I was able to finish, but somewhat slower. Maybe the climbing was more tiring than expected.

    So I decided to skip the (shifted anyway) 2nd run and rest today.

    Should I add another S-week now? I only ran 60k last week instead of the 80 in the plan.

    For sure, at first rest that knee, roll, recover etc

    Anonymous on #51009

    @sgw: Regular, specific advice is not what this forum is for. We’re happy to answer general questions and provide occasional specifics, but what you’re asking for (regularly) is more in the coaching and consulting realm: https://uphillathlete.com/coaching/

    sgw on #51396

    I understand … and waited for that sooner or later πŸ˜‰
    Thanks so far, I learned and learn a lot here.

    Anonymous on #51548


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