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    Kurt Terhune

    Question for the coaches. If we end up getting sick during our training what do you suggest that we do?

    I’m specifically interesting at present as I’m still not 100% recovered from a recent cold and another participant was told to wait to complete the drift test. In this case would you suggest moving around other activities, or waiting to complete those listed in the course.

    Similarly, if illness happens mid course, what are your suggestions.

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    Anonymous on #71263

    Its a great question and depends a bit on severity and length of illness. For a mild illness of 2-4 days I encourage folks to rest until feeling mostly symptom free then return to training gently and just move on with the training program. For illnesses that take a 5-7+ day to recover I will usually have the athlete shift all the training back by a week (or however long they were out) so they get a steady progression. For very long illnesses you need to go back and repeat a few of the previous weeks as you will have lost a bit of aerobic fitness in that time. The main take home though is don’t try and train hard through illness. Rest!

    Nanook on #71319

    Hey Mark,

    I’m in the same boat as Kurt in that I just came back from a week in the mountains and ended up with an epic cold! I’ve been wiped out this week, so sounds like the thing is to defer this weeks training to next week.

    maxderson on #85802

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