Iliotibial band syndrome

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    This has been an issue for me on my right outer-knee and hip whenever I run beyond 5-6 miles or hike beyond 15 miles. The only thing that helped has been Aleve but I don’t want to get into a habit of that to get through the UA training of course.

    I noticed during the UA Yoga, my right side was a lot stiffer and more resistant to being lengthened. I decided to spend more time working on that side. I was happy to finally be treating this. All I’ve done before was massage gun, and maybe sometimes a foam roller.

    Then I noticed online that some seemingly reputable people are saying that stretching doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time. Instead I should focus on exercises and changing my running pattern.

    I figure someone in this group must have had success with IT band syndrome.

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    Mark Blackwell on #71526

    For several years I had issues with hip tendinitis that were caused by overuse, mostly hiking up hill with heavy packs. The short stretches they taught me in physical therapy failed to resolve it. My doctor prescribed meloxicam but that only masked it. Eventually I was desperate enough to try a cortisone shot which was effective short-term, but the pain came back.

    With nothing left to lose, I started a 21-day hip opening program I found online. The holds are long, about 5 minutes each, and it was a total of abut 20 minutes a day. It was difficult (I was very tight) but the improvement in flexibility was noticeable, so I kept it up and in a short time the pain went away completely. It has never come back. It also helped resolve lower back issues and knee pain when running, and allowed me to move better when climbing.

    So, I would stick with it. I also find foam rolling is great after exercise to reduce soreness the next day.

    Raja on #71560

    Thanks, Mark! Happy to hear it worked for you. Will stick with it and see how it goes!


    Mark, do you happen to have the name of the 21 day program you found? Thx.

    Lianna Miller on #72651

    Raja, tendon problems are the pits! I have had a ton of challenges with achilles tendonitis. Spent years chasing it down, and the core issue turned out to be super tight hip flexors. In addition to high quality PT, I also did a 21 day hip opener stretching class with 5 minute holds.

    Not sure if this is the same one as Mark, but it was from a guy named Lucas Blackwood. His group is called Yogabody and I was very impressed. I don’t recommend him lightly, he knew his stuff, explained the science while we were doing those 5 minute holds.

    On yoga days I sub in sessions from that class since my hip flexors need regular attention.

    Don’t give up, you’ll find the thing that works for you!

    Raja on #72691

    Thanks for the tips and encouragement!

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