If You Can’t See your Training Plan Yet/Want to Change Plans

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    Jennifer Blazer on #57921

    Hi coaches! I think I may have ended up with 2 training plans at once on my account. (I may have copied my old one down to later in the year when the last program ended a few months ago, so it’s probably my fault). Is it possible to get help removing them and reapplying the base program I’m enrolled in? I don’t want to accidentally delete the incorrect workouts when trying to sort through them. Thanks so much!

    Coach on #57941

    Hello Jennifer,
    I am going to delete everything you have in Training Peaks going forward. You can still re-apply the plan you already own later; they just won’t show up in daily training. Within the next hour or so, it should be back to normal!

    patrito.gina on #57958

    Hi! I just noticed I hadn’t linked my TP account with this group so I did it today. Just wanted to let you know so it can be pushed to my account 🙂

    Thanks much,

    Coach on #57962

    Hello Ginga! I saw that last night-you should be able to see your plan now 🙂

    Jennifer Blazer on #57982

    Thank you so much, Maya 😀

    Maria Johnstone on #58025

    Can I do the advanced training plan?


    Coach on #58037

    Yes I will make that change shortly 🙂

    amy skei on #58270

    I am also somehow doubled up in TP, with FUA 3.0 starting both 10/4 and 10/11. Last week was a loss due to traveling-could you erase everything going forward and reapply my plan with Mon 10/18 as the start date?

    amy skei on #58279

    Nevermind coaches, I am fixing it myself. I want to be sure to keep the workouts w TSS scores. Thanks!

    Coach on #58308

    Sorry, Amy just seeing this now! Glad you figured it all out 🙂

    patrito.gina on #59354

    I completely messed up my training plan. I took the week of October 25-31 off for my foot injury and was able to shift everything down a week. But just now I tried to shift last week and this week down because I’ve been sick it got all messed up and I somehow lost weekend and doubled up on some. Is there anyway you all could start me next week with week 4?

    Thanks so much!

    It’s been a rough fall…


    Ginger Stout on #78087

    How long does it take to get your training plan?

    Alyssa Clark on #78090

    If you email alexa.hasman@uphillathlete.com she will get you uploaded with a training plan if you do not have one yet.

    sally kentch on #78166

    My training plan is up but Chamonix Work out won’t let me in —says the password I am using is not correct. Suggestions?

    Sally Kentch

    Alyssa Clark on #78267

    CMF2022 should work! It is also in your FUA memberships page.

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