If results are stable, is 47 min enough for aerobic threshold test?

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    I did the aerobic threshold test this morning. Unfortunately, nature called rather aggressively, and I had to stop after 47 minutes. (I also completed 15 minutes of warm up prior to this.) I still analyzed my data on Training Peaks using the described method. If I break my training into two halves (each ~23 minutes), my average rate between those two sections only differs by 2 BPM. Is this result fine given how stable the heart rate has been or should I re-take the test?

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    lapotka on #74751

    my guess is with only a HR drift of 1-2 percent, I think it’s likely your AET is higher than the HR you targeted for this test and you should try again when rested and increase your target HR by like 3-5 bpm and see what the drift looks like.

    Greg on #74753

    That makes sense given my heart rate was ~125 BPM. I’ll try to get it closer to 130-140 BPM during warm-up and see if I can maintain that without 5% drift. Thanks.

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