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    Ive been working on zone two training under the assumption I have moderate ADS (AeT around 130-135, unknown AnT) and have noticed my HR is in what I am assuming is zone 3 (140-50s) as I warm up, then decreases to 120s-130s as I get warm. Im assuming this is the delay in the aerobic/oxidative system kicking in.

    Im curious if it matters that Im starting out of my target zone. When Ive done the treadmill HR drift test, I slowly increase the speed from brisk walk to run, during my warm up period to increase my HR, so have not had this issue, but when training outside I just jump right into running.

    I imagine a slow ramp up would be better, but haven’t seen anything in the forums on this.


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    Christian Borgbo on #35816

    I think you could benefit from reading this article ( on the website. It explains what happens if you start out too fast in a race which should be more or less the same in a training situation.

    Anonymous on #35836

    Thanks, Christian!

    Christian is correct. The aerobic system takes longer to “come online” and the anaerobic system will jump in too soon if a warm-up is too fast or intense. You’ll perform better (in both training and racing) if you give the aerobic system the time it needs.

    The duration of a warm-up varies by person. For me, being very fast-twitch, I need a longer warm-up than most. Twenty minutes is a minimum, thirty is preferred. Someone who is more slow-twitch will probably need less. Although I wouldn’t recommend less than 15 for anyone.

    rorsterling on #36034

    Awesome info guys, much appreciated!

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