I messed up My TP calendar…hopefully someone can help

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    I am in the Beginner group and I think I might have messed up a planned workout and wanted to see if I can find the right information. I am a week behind at this point, and this coming Saturday’s Z2 run/hike reads as a :40 workout. This doesn’t seem to fit the progression, so I think in going through to set heart rates, I must have changed the duration. This would read as the April 2 workout for the rest of you, but I’ll be doing it April 9. Can anyone tell me what the duration there is supposed to be?

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    MarkPostle on #65029

    I will take a look at your plan and let you know

    rcj on #65085

    Mark, thanks. I think I figured it out. I was changing some other things to :40 expected times and probably accidentally did for this as well. I had a browser window open that hadn’t refreshed the calendar and I just caught that the time for the Z2 run/hike is supposed to be 1:15, so I’ll go with that. It makes sense.

    MarkPostle on #65207

    The un-refreshed browser window has caused many a woes with TP. I think it tries not to be too bandwidth heavy but in that effort things get bogged down in the server caches frequently. I refresh the page pretty much every time I sit down to do anything on TP.

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