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    Great lecture last night. Left me with lots of questions, but this one is immediate and the simplest to answer.

    I am about to start the base period on the 24 week program. I do most of the easy run/hike stuff at the gym either on the StairMaster or the elliptical. Today was a easy 30 minute run/hike I did on the elliptical below AeT this morning.

    If I understand correctly if I am fully recovered by the evening (which I am right now), it would be advantageous to repeat the workout in the evening. Did I get this right?

    More generally, what can I do to get more out of the program? I have plenty of time, energy (usually), and motivation.


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    If you are fully recovered by evening then YES you can try repeating that workout in the PM but bigger gains will be made if you can increase the length of the AM workout. More volume is almost always better. Be mindful of fatigue accumulation and drop volume if not handling it the next day.


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