I can't think of a reasonable usage for these

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    Anonymous on #23227


    That link takes one to a 404 page. Sorry, not sure what you are talking about.


    Dada on #23242

    Oh, I’m very sorry. Maybe this link works: https://www.nystory.us/products/fitflex%25e2%2584%25a2-power-leg-knee-pad

    Dada on #23243

    No it doesn’t. Sorry for bothering. I would close that post then.

    Jared Casper on #23244

    It’s the “TM” in the link that is causing problems… this may work: second link

    sam.ley on #23254

    I don’t think there IS a reasonable use for those…

    allan.xperia on #23256

    It looks as if they are intended to provide extra force for stretching the knee. Which of course also means that you will have to use additional force for bending the knee.

    Anyway, if we accept the premise that this would be sensible, the next problem appears:
    The rotation centre of the device will have to be in the same position as the rotation centre of the knee. Otherwise, the device will have to slide along the leg when you bend the knee. From the photos, it is very clear that the rotation centres are not aligned.

    So the device will have to slide, and it doesn’t really seem fit for sliding. So you will probably get a lot of chafing.

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