Hysterectomy post rehab

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    I have just had a hysterectomy and now, at 10 weeks, I got the ok to get back to all my activities. This is the height of winter in NZ, with skiing and ice climbing as my main goals in the near future. Wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the best training programmes to get back into ski mountaineering asap and knee strengthening would be (I’ve had two ACLs and cartilage surgery in the past). Just want to do the right thing and avoid another injury. I’ve kept active by walking every day (started slow, but was doing up to 12km towards week 10, and was given the ok to top rope on week 9, so did some ice climbing and rock climbing then) but since I couldn’t lift or do anything that would strain the core, I did no upper body or core strengthening exercises during this time.


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    I apologize I could have sworn I had replied to this a while ago, and now I’m not seeing an entry. Did you ever receive a reply? We had a couple of website glitches that caused a disruption of the forum temporarily.

    It’s three months since this post so it’s likely you’ve found some answers and been back to training. If you do have questions now and would like guidance moving forward please let me know.

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