Hypobaric Simulated Altitude

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    I’m just wondering if you have any information on hypobaric simulated altitude training ? a few of theses facilities have poped up near where I live and I was considering using them to assist in pre acclimating before my next expedition.

    Just to be clear these places are using rooms that change the air pressure in the room and from what I gather this would be identical to normal/natural high altitude. I have read and I know you guys have written about the advantages and disadvantages of hypoxic tents/training but I think this is different?

    Most of the athletes using these facilities are using them to get an edge at sea level sports so the knowledge there is limited.

    My biggest question is how long do you need to be at altitude before your body will start trying to adapt?

    does something like 2 sessions a week for a month sound like it would be effective? my thinking behind that as if you where to go up the midi 3800m in Chamonix every weekend for a month you would probably be enough to make a difference before an expedition..

    Thanks in advance!

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