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    I apologize in advance because I know these types of questions get posted a lot but I’m just having some confusion over the HR Zones for training Peaks, specifically for the 16 week big mountain plan….

    I conducted the drift test using the treadmill method.

    Average HR 1st Half: 168
    Average HR 2nd Half: 176

    So that’s a drift of about 4.5% seems like I’m right on target for the test.

    My question is where does that leave my zones? Is the top of zone 2 176? 168? The average? Also do these numbers seem to check out? I’m a 30 year old guy pretty fit but no real experience with endurance athletics. My main form of working out is usually bouldering and strength training. Sorry if I am really missing something here but I’m not exactly sure where my 4 zones should land or if I even have enough data to set zones 3 and 4.


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    Jan on #38808

    Your AeT and top of Zone 2 is 168.

    Zone 1: AeT-20% to AeT-10%: HR 134-151
    Zone 2: AeT-10% to AeT: HR 152-168

    For Zone 3 and 4 you have to do the AnT-Test.

    Zone 3: AeT to AnT.
    Zone 4: Everything above AnT

    Dada on #38809

    When I see such high values for AeT, I recommend a word of caution. With those values it’s always possible that you tested for AnT instead of AeT. Do you have indication what your Ant is?

    Jan on #38810

    @Dada: Isn’t the drift too big for AnT? I would agree with you if the drift would be like 1 % or even lower.

    CodyDigital on #38816

    Thank you both for your replies. It did seem a bit high in my mind but I don’t have a reference point for someone my age and even that I know is not the best guide. I do not know my AnT and this test was specifically the HR Drift test as described in the training plan.


    Anonymous on #38912

    1. Age is irrelevant. Heart rates are like fingerprints; they’re unique to the individual.

    2. As suggested, do an AnT test. The AnT test will help for two reasons: it’ll (dis)confirm your AeT test; and, if the AeT test is correct, the AnT test will let you calculate the gap between the two.

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