HR Spikes on the Downhill

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    Good Morning,

    I am still trying to learn more about HR training. I tend to stay in my zone 1-2 on the uphill, but my HR spikes into zone 3-4 very easily on the downhill. I find it odd because I feel my best while coming downhill. My breathing is labored going up and my breathing is easy while coming down. I would think that my HR would be more elevated on the uphill vs. downhill when comparing how I am feeling and how I am breathing.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    saschroeder on #37884

    If you are doing a higher speed descent (i.e., cycling, running, skiing), I have found that the flapping of a synthetic shirt on the chest strap will lead to inaccurate heart rate spikes. If you’re hiking and don’t have a flapping synthetic shirt, I’m not sure why that would happen.

    Anonymous on #37949

    I’m not sure either. Are you using a wrist-based HR monitor? Or one with a chest strap?

    Anonymous on #37954

    I’m using the wrist band. It also happens to all my training partners who use the wrist band. I’m going to use the chest strap and see how it goes.

    nullkru on #37961

    It’s definitely a wrist HR issue! The bouncing and “uncontrolled” arm movement allows that more light comes in to the sensor. WHR is almost useless on the trails (/everywhere ;)).

    have a good day — mirko

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