HR Spikes? Is a little ok?

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    Brian Vickers

    A little background. Short ultra runner (50k-50 miles) with a few road races (marathons and 1/2s) sprinkled in. 53 yr old. LT 173 AeT 134 (ADS club). Maff 180 for a couple years. Switched to 80/20 LTHR zones with good success before starting UA zones in the last months because I know I need more aerobic base.

    I’m in a block of all z1&2 preparing for some winter and spring 50ks, Highlands Sky 40 in June and WV Trilogy next October. On hills I sometimes spike to high 130s low 140s but it goes down quick. I often run/walk and I’m committed to trying for 10% rule. With Maff, spikes over AeT (127 for 180 formula) are described as wrecking Aerobic training and he suggests setting alarm well under to prevent going over and ignoring HR averages on splits. I guess I’m asking whether I should really worry about short spikes and/or a few beats over as long as runs are vastly z1&2? I’m not asking to cheat, but I spend a lot of time on runs wondering whether I’m getting it right or whether I should dial it down. No recovery issues at all. Typical daily run is 1.5 hours with 1 or 2 two hour runs.
    Thanks! Brian

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    Anonymous on #32229


    For those with ADS I’d recommend staying below your AeT for whole run. Even if it means walking some on the hills.


    Brian Vickers on #32235

    Thanks, Scott. I’ve been good at keeping below AeT until the past couple days when HR spiked just a bit. I’m sticking with below AeT for certain. Would you recommend a just little bit of higher intensity leading up to a mountain 50k in January?


    Anonymous on #32278

    You do need to do some more event specific endurance training as you approach your event. Even if your aerobic base is still no where you’d like it. Its not optimal but if you looking to race in a couple of months then for sure you need to begin to add intensity. Remember the aerobic base training is being done to act as a base of support for more event specific endurance work that every endurance athlete needs.


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