HR during ME Gym workouts

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    James H

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered before.
    Is it worth monitoring HR during the ME gym based workout? I’ve done this workout before in the past (well my own very similar version) and felt the soreness affected my aerobic workouts too much. Is there any benefit to doing this workout but keeping your HR under top of Aet during the workout i.e. stopping sets when HR approaches top of zone 2 and extening rest periods a bit etc.

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    Anonymous on #62411

    Great question. I do not recommend even wearing a HR monitor for these ME workouts. HR is not a good indicator of the training load. You no doubt discovered this when you got very sore for a few days.

    To prevent the extreme DOMS that can occur for many people I recommend doing the first couple of these WE workouts at about 75-80% intensity. Don’t jump too high. Don’t goo too deep. It is at the ends of the range of motion that the muscle damage happens and this ME lite will help you ease into it and give you time to adapt without crippling yourself.

    I hope this helps.

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