HR drift test.

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    Hey everyone, hope this isn’t too boring a post, however, I would greatly appreciate some input on my HR drift test I took today. Mainly to get some feedback on my understanding of the process.

    I set off and did a nice relaxed gradual warm up untill settling at a bpm of 130 and then held that, or as close to that as I could, for an hour.

    TP gives the hour section a pa:hr of -0.9% so going off the little text that came with the training program I’m going to retake the test but stick to a HR ~5bpm higher.

    Is there anything incorrect with my thinking? And any reason not to retake the test on Monday, ie after one days rest?

    Many thanks.

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    coversall on #46960

    This is my retest. Not sure what happened. I’m just going to use 140ish as the top of my zone 2 for now. Am hoping the gyms here will reopen in December so I can retest on a treadmill or something.

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    Diana on #46965

    Thank you again! I really appreciate it.

    coversall on #47013

    No worries!

    Scott Semple on #47978

    I would use the TP calculator because I suspect it takes more samples than just first half versus second half.

    Tests by heart rate are never very precise because they can’t be. There will always be some variation.

    Also related, HR as a training intensity should be thought of in 5-beat buckets rather than single beats. Trying to distinguish between 151 and 153 is false precision.

    I would use 150 as AeT HR and re-test again in 6-8 weeks.

    coversall on #48270

    Thanks for the response! Yeah I felt like trying to keep my heart rate bob on a certain bpm was silly and have tended to just pick a 5 bpm range. Plus it saves me staring at my watch which isn’t super fun.

    I actually managed to get a lab test done. All the money I saved by not travelling due to the pandemic made it more realistic.

    The test was very interesting and I’m currently digesting the results. This may be too big an ask, but if anyone was curious and wanted to skim over the pdf I’d love to hear your input. All input is welcome, including comments on the presentation etc. Ah the pdf is too large so I’ll leave.

    The intersting bit in the context of this thread are:
    Lactate threshold (LT) 1/Zone 2: 139-147 bpm.
    LT 2/Zone 4: 167-181

    I have a few questions regarding using the info from the test in trainingpeaks and in my running:

    I’m taking from this that my AeT is 139-147 bpm and my AnT is 167-181 bpm?

    The aerboic base runs say to run at 80-100% of AeT, but 80% of 147 is 117. Am I working this out right? 117 is well below the zone 1 heart rate from the test, 139 bpm. Would I ok just running aerobic runs in the 140s and the recover runs in the 130s?

    Scott Semple on #48417

    LT1 = AeT = ~147
    LT2 = AnT = ~167

    The aerboic base runs say to run at 80-100% of AeT

    Do you mean that’s what the lab test said? 80-100% of AeT is correct for increasing aerobic capacity. It’s obviously a big range though.

    When capacity is (s)low, you can do more of that volume near AeT. As your speed increases, more volume will shift toward the lower end of the range.

    coversall on #48499

    Do you mean that’s what the lab test said?

    Right, sorry, should have made that more clear. The notes on the ‘Aerobic base run’ runs from Luke’s Ultra Plan, say:

    Complete full run @ 80-100% of Aerobic Threshold HR.

    Cool thanks for clearing that up!

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