HR Drift test interpretation following Glandular Fever

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    I was ill with Glandular Fever in June after training pretty well (8 hours per week average) in March/ April/ May and start of June. Most of the way recovered now but still not at where I was with regard to my HR on runs – much more elevated than before I was ill. It’s higher than it was before but at slower paces. For example in May i was able to run a 9k route at around 165bpm average with a pace of 5.40min/km but with 280m ascent. A few days ago I ran for an hour or so at what felt like an easy pace on flat terrain and I managed 165bpm average but at 7.09min/km with only around 45m ascent through the route. I put this run into a HR drift test calculator from this site and when i started the calculation from when my HR levelled I got a result of around 5% drift at 165bpm….but at 7min/km. As I am clearly still recovering from GF (can take many months to get passed the tiredness and muscular lethargy) how much should i take this result as accurate for my AeT? I’m only running once or twice a week currently due to being aware of the need to take things easy following GF. The screenshot from the HR drift calculator is attached. Would appreciate any opinions on this as a true reflection of my AeT combined with training tips for a someone recovering from GF. Thanks!

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    Anonymous on #43969

    I wouldn’t worry about finding a threshold right now. Just focus on recovering from the illness. Any threshold info is likely to change, and training according to one, the aerobic, is not as important as being healthy.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #43984

    Hi Joe!

    Do you still have any other symptoms? What does your doc/cardiologist say?
    I would recommend to get the opinion of your cardiologist. And be very carefull with training. At first you have to be totally healthy, before you can get back to normal training.

    gute Besserung!

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