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    Hi, I have a question about calculating my AeT, I’m 52, and according to the MAF test my AeT should 28, I added 5 bc of my background. I have been using this HR as a target/top for all my zone 2 training. However, I have calculated my anaerobic threshold at 177.
    I did a drift test today targeting an aerobic threshold of 142, based on my last 2 values of my anaerobic threshold. I am attaching the file. Am I underestimating my aerobic threshold at 133, should it be higher? I am attaching the file.
    Thanks for your comments

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    vincesfausto on #47099

    Sorry, here it goes

    Anonymous on #47130

    Sorry but I can’t open whatever type of file that is you sent.


    vincesfausto on #47183

    Thanks Scott
    I’m sending you pic
    I hope it helps
    Thanks for your response

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    Anonymous on #47981

    We can review the test if you send a public link to the workout.

    P.S. Once you start testing your thresholds, you can ignore MAF. It’s only useful as a last resort if you don’t know your actual numbers.

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