HR Dipping During Steady Efforts

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    While determining my AeT using the DIY treadmill test, I notice a regular repeating pattern of my heat rate decreasing for a short time. Actually, I think it is always present during exercise, but it is only apparent when doing something like a steady, long treadmill run, versus a trail run on rolling hills. The first picture shows the regular decreases in heart rate, the second picture shows a zoom in to show that this is not a super short blip of missing data. Does anyone else see this sort of thing in their data? Any ideas if this is really my heart rate versus some fluke of using non-medical grade, ie sports equipment? For info, I have varied all recording equipment except for the HRM which is a Polar H10, and still get similar results. HRM strap was changed too with no difference.

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    Anonymous on #37963

    Interesting. And have you tried different things to improve the connectivity? Try some aloe gel on the strap’s sensor pads and see if it persists.

    If it does, I’m not sure why that would be. The range of change (~5 beats?) seems normal, but it’s interesting that it happens every few minutes.

    Do you know a sports cardiologist?

    Rodney on #37970

    I have tried a few things. I bought a new HRM strap, only because the old one wore out. I can use HRM gel or no gel with the same result. Recently, I purchased a new running watch, though for unrelated reasons, also with the same result. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the HR monitor / transmitter itself, and me! So I’m starting to doubt that the issue is due to connectivity. Seeing a sports cardiologist is becoming a good idea.

    Michaeltyoung on #37974

    The regularity of the dips is weird, but I’m also surprised how flat the heart rate is otherwise. Mine usually randomly bounces within a 5+ bpm range during steady state (even on a treadmill).

    Al B on #37975

    For what its worth – I’ve had apps interfere with each other (and the bluetooth connections) on my phone but if you’re sure your recording equipment is OK, have you thought about something in the gym interfering with the signal? The drop is so regular it looks mechanical.

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