Howto core strength and max weight for general Strength

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    Thanks for the great book (TFTUA)! This is my first post here 🙂

    I was wondering about the duration of the core-Strength warmup for the general strength training for me as runner.
    Do I understand it right if I do it this way:
    If I do 4 different core-workouts, with each 5 sets, this will alone last 1h. 2min break after each set are 40 min pause + 30s-60s per workout –> Nearly 1h for Core strength warmup.

    The leg and upper body strength in Level 3 will last ~7min (incl. 3min break) for 4 sets–> 28 min.

    How much weight should I apply maximum for this workout (core and leg), currently I am at >30% Bodyweight with weight-plate.


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    Anonymous on #31399

    I’d be glad to help but I need to know where you are referencing in our book? Please give me the page where you are reading this


    Argogma on #31426

    Hi Scott,

    its about page 231ff (Chapter “General Strength Assessment and Improvement”) in the TFTUA book.

    In Core Stregth Workouts – Stage 3 you write:

    “… Select three or four excercises… do no more than five sets of each excercise. Rest two minutes between sets”
    With max. 4 excercises with each 5 sets this are 20 sets overall.

    The second question was about the max. weight I should use for the general strength assessment (Stage 3 Workout): “… 1×6 reps of box step-ups with weight …”
    One further question on the one-sided-workouts: first all reps on one side and after that change to the other side, or change after each rep?

    Thanks a lot,

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