How would you imitate ski mountaineering for an AeT test?

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    Hi guys,

    I suspect that my AeT is different between uphill running and ski mountaineering. How would you imitate ski mountaineering on a treadmill?

    I was thinking about using poles and wearing ski mountaineering boots?!


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    Rachel on #34427

    I would go do the actual activity. Last year one day I skinned the same ski slope twice (1000 feet, about ~30 minutes of uphill each time) and used it as an AeT test. I just compared the HR and time to do the laps and calculated the drift. There is a little time in between but it seemed minimal. Or if you have a big mountain that you can go up for an hour, although I wonder about the effects of being at a higher altitude for the second half.

    Anonymous on #34487

    Here is how we do it
    Scroll down to what Scott Semple calls our Treadski:-) Great way to train for skimo by the way.


    Dada on #34491

    Thx Rachel & Scott!

    @Scott: great idea, I think it’s a little bit over engineered for me just testing AeT though.

    @Rachelp: that sounds really cool. Do you have more information on how you did this? How did you control for the difference in pace? Did you ski down with your skins on? Did you do it on trainingpeaks?


    Rachel on #34591

    I’ll see if I can find the TP workout to share, but what I did was skin up trying to stay at my AeT or below. At the top I took off my skins and skied down, then put the skins back on for another lap. Again I stayed at AeT or below for the second lap. At the time I wasn’t intending for it to be an AeT test but later I noticed I had under 5% drift, and that other than the quick ski break in the middle it was as close as I was going to get to a high altitude AeT test. My ski area only has 1100 feet of vert so it would be a little hard to find an hour long route to the top.

    workwithme on #74495

    I know this thread is super old but I’m hoping you will still reply – I literally have a question about getting my AeT skinning – I set out to do an AeT and drift test on Saturday and stayed in the suggested parameters over the 1hr 15 min less than 5% drift, but because it’s in as XC ski, it didn’t give me didn’t have the Pa:Hr to make sure my effort was low enough, when I switched it to a run, the Pa:Hr was 11% but the pacing is soooo different than running and the grade is usually hovering around 20%. But I’m flummoxed and just don’t like the idea of coming up with a target for skinning on a treadmill. So my question for Rachel is how did you know you were at your AeT for skinning? Did you use the same AeT as for running?

    Dada on #75010


    I use DF Alpha and it works like a charm for me.


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