How will training progress in the next training group?

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    Steve House

    Hi all,
    One of you asked: How will the training change in the second group.

    Your plans will progress right along without interruption. If we take a look at the big picture of where we’re at with the plans is, irregardless of which plan you’re on, you’ll be finished with the transition period and moving into the base period.

    Those of you who are students of Training for the New Alpinism will remember the following statement. “The transition period gets you fit enough to really start training.” The base period has a lot of fun training in it. Max Strength workouts. muscular endurance workouts, and some other special surprises I’m sure you’ll all love 😉

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    mattmay3s on #62240

    Hi Steve – just paid the fees for the next 12 weeks and completed the forms. ON the call you mentioned 3 levels but I could only see 2 on the self assessment form. Chose Advanced as that’s what I’m on now – presume the ‘switch over’ is pretty automated from our point of view if not yours! Cant wait for the ME Water Carries!

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