How to simulate climbing exercises when impossible to climb.

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    Hello folks,

    Im following a mix of the mixed and north face plans and have climbing days on the plan (who`d of thought). Only issue is I am now on a rig in the Persian Gulf where there is a depressing lack of climbing and even gym materials.

    So wonderful folks of the forum Im looking for suggestions on how to simulate climbing exercises. There is a very small gym with dumbells and I have a TRX with me.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    Building a wall here is unthinkable*

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    Jaime on #72586

    Mrbird, that sounds difficult! Good on you for trying to stick with your training!

    I guess the question is what are your goals? That would determine the kinds of exercises you can do, even when you’re not able to access “real climbing”

    rejuvenatingserendipity on #72587

    We do this when traveling.

    Add in a some sets of tricep curls and calf raises. It can get real fast.

    mrbird on #72591

    Hello there, cheers for the reply..

    Im Chamonix based so alpiney mixed, maybe technical mixed. Struggling to think how I can simulate pitches of climbing.

    Need to keep the training haha. Least I can maybe be strong and scared instead of both.


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