How to Include Nordic Skate Skiing

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    Hi, I’m training for long days of ski mountaineering. For life reasons, it’s easier for me to substitute two days/week of skate skiing into my 16-week ski mountaineering training plan.

    1. Any general advice on how to include skate skiing?
    2. Can I do the following workout on skate skis instead of skinning or running/hiking?

    “STEEP Uphill Intervals Zone 4
    Hike as steeply uphill as you can find locally. 20’easy warm up
    Then 6x 3min @ HR= AeT/MAF plus 15-20bpm
    3′ easy walk/hike/jog for recovery between
    Then 30′ easy uphill @HR< AeT”

    Time given is for the uphill portion”

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    Aaron on #61581

    If have xc skied some winters. My basic observation is not as specific but if it fits in your life better do it. Two specific reflections: classic for z1/2 and skate ski for higher intensity intervals. I was simply not a good enough skate skier to stay in z1/2.

    hafjell on #61601

    Thanks, Aaron. I realized this yesterday: I am not a good enough skate skier to stay below Z3.

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