How to include cycling that you have to do anyway?

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    I’ve read all the previous posts on here about including cycling in the TftNA training plan, and the consensus is that it is nor as good as running and hiking and so is nor recommended. One thing I haven’t seen, which applies to me, is how to count it when you need to cycle anyway to get places? Current I cycle for 7 hours a week minimum (often higher). Usually for 20-45 minutes at a time. Just going to the gym for a stair machine workout is a 90 minute round trip.

    My first thought is to make sure all my clcying is in the recovery zone and just treat the cycling as all my recovery workouts (provided it doesn’t go below the recommended weekly recovery time) and write off any extra as just more recovery. With this is there a minimum time I should be cycling in one go before counting it?

    Any other ideas or thoughts?


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    You’re correct that cycling offers a less specific workload than running or uphill movement (real or simulated), so if you’re targeting objectives requiring on-foot work, you’ll diminish the returns when on the bike.

    That said, using cycling as a means of active recovery (read coach Drew Hammond’s recent article on this) is entirely acceptable and your daily commute can fit into that category provided it remains quite mellow (i.e. sub-Aerobic Threshold). Monitor your overall training fatigue from week to week as you progress your planned sessions, and if you find that the cycling sessions are becoming more taxing, or longer in duration, or if you’re not recovering well from session to session, you should probably start quantifying the daily ride into your overall total and consider pulling back on volume in one area or another to ensure you aren’t over-doing it.


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