How to get faster on slow terrain

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    By “slow terrain” I mean bushwhacking (hard to avoid in BC) and scrambling on loose rock (hard to avoid in this part of BC).

    Aside from the obvious answer – practice – are there any tips? The rock here is very chossy and I generally check all handholds and footholds before committing to them which is time-consuming. Even something like contouring on scree or talus ends being slow.

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    Anonymous on #58287

    Hi Mariner_9,

    Moving quickly on choss, I think, depends more on luck and comfort with randomness than say, route finding or movement economy. I’ve had more close calls on easier terrain, wanting to move faster and not always having 3 points of contact. Though time consuming, the consequences of falling on chossy 3rd can be the same as falling on chossy 5th.

    Mariner_9 on #58319

    Thanks Eddie. I was hoping there was something I had missed but you might well be right in saying it depends more on “luck and comfort with randomness”. Learning to paraglide is a partial answer to this problem as it would eliminate the slow and dangerous descents. Seriously considering that option for next year.

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