How to gain 2500 ft in 2 hrs. Total time out

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    Hi everyone!

    I´m currently following the 8 weeks mountaineering program for beginners. My AeT is 117bpm so I can´t gain 2500 ft of altitude and get down of the mountain in 2 hours.
    What do you recommend? Is it more important to reach the 2500ft even if my training lasts maybe 50 minutes more?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Shashi on #56811

    Welcome to the UA forum.

    The altitude gain and time provided in training plans are generic and do not take into consideration your current fitness, goals, location, etc.

    Based on your AeT focus on what is doable and then gradually progress over your training period. For e.g. I have a trail locally that gains about 2500 ft. over 3 km. Initially, it would take 1.5 hours or more to get up and slowly I was able to reduce the time. I would adjust volume (time) on other workouts in the week to meet my weekly goal.

    Hope this is helpful.

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