How to distribute 3 intensity WO in your base weeks?

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    Hi guys,

    I’m just about to kick-off my base period for the upcoming winter season of ski mountaineering (not racing).

    I want to incorporate the following workout types:

    GYM ME: ME is my biggest weakness
    Z3 intervals: these pushed my speed below AeT a lot (and I need some intensity, otherwise I will gain weight 😉
    Hill sprints: I’m an FT guy though, and they are very taxing
    Long Z1: I want to keep my two back-to-back long Z1 workouts on the weekend.

    Between ME and Z3, I need the maximum number of low intensity days between because ME is causing so much DOMS.

    So that would be my first idea:

    MON: off
    WED: Cycling in Z1
    THU: ?
    FRI: Z3 intervals
    SAT: long Z1
    SUN: long Z1

    Hill sprints still missing.

    How do you guys incorporate three intensity workouts in a base week?

    Constraint: except on the weekends, I can just incorporate one workout per day


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    rich.b on #45587


    One option is to not think of a training week as 7 days. You could rotate between the three intensity workouts on your current two intensity days per week, which would mean in a 3-week period you have done each of those sessions 2 times.

    Anonymous on #45596

    Similar to what @rich-bindler said, think about spreading it out. The first thing that comes to mind is to alternate ME and Z3 bi-weekly.

    Dada on #45682

    Thx guys. That makes sense!

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